Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Positive Inspiration

My first interaction with Kina was through blogging. She would often comment and then would start sending me emails with unsolicited advice on wedding planning, life, places to eat. Then we met in real life and became fast friends.

Before she and her husband moved to Baker City to follow their dream to open a restaurant, we had plenty of adventures. Chauffeuring gorillas in the back of her Mustang, chance meetings with Dean (or was it Gene) Ween, long talks overlooking downtown Bend, wine, booze and more wine. It was a sad day she moved away.

Kina doesn’t know this but she taught me the power of positivity. I remember one time I landed a job interview. I was a finalist out of many for a prestige job. I emailed her in a panic, thinking “what have I gotten myself into. I cannot do this.” Kina told me to visualize that the job was mine and that any self-doubting will just take away from not getting the job. That statement has stuck. If you want something, just be positive and the right thing will happen. I killed the interview but I didn’t get the job which is OK because it wasn’t the right path for me at that time. She taught me to believe in myself even more than I already was believing in myself (does that make sense?).

Kina is kind and generous. If she was not in my life I would be crushed. She takes care of the ones she loves because she believe in what you put out, you get back.

Kina, I could write on and on but just know, I miss you and wish you weren’t 5 hours away.

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Kina said...

Aw Shan. Right on. Thanks for the kind words. I miss you guys, too.