Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Well, almost. There are a lot of bumps and bruises in this guy's future. He has a nice shiner from smacking his eye brow on Jen's deck today.

I've decided that I won't be writing something up each month. He's doing a lot so rather than wait, I'm going to post as it happens too.

He now says "nana" for banana and means it. Just this morning at 5:45 a.m. he did his usual "crawl to the frig" (his signal for being hungry) and I said and signed "milk" and he said "nana." He will say mama and dada but not in a way that he means it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

CSA Week 3 meal plan

Another exciting CSA week! We ate the cherries right up! Here are the items we'll have for dinner this week with our basket of goodies!

Steak, baked chili potatoes (csa), grilled summer squash (csa) and greek salad (various csa goodies)

Lentils and swiss chard risotto

Chicken with fennel (fennel, carrots from CSA)

We have spinach and romaine to go along with each meal along with fresh basil, we'll make caprese salads too!

Unfortunately, our parsley died right away so we'll be making lemon orzo pasta this week instead of last. So far, that is the only thing we've wasted.

Next week brings the following veggies:

Bunched Spinach
Baby Romaine
Walla Walla onion
green beans
Red gold new potatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

I see homemade salsa in our future...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CSA Week 2 meal plan

CSA Week 2
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photo courtesy of Jen Floyd, who gets the same CSA as we do!

Here are the meals I came up with from stuff in my CSA:

Marinated Chops (in vidalia onion dressing) with corn and zucchini
Pasta with Kale and mixed greens

Grilled Chicken with Sesame broccoli

Lemon parsley orzo with caprese salad

I still have potatoes to make but maybe I will grill them with the
chicken. This will be my first time trying kale. I'm so excited!

I have a problem ...

... with sweets. I can't keep my hands off them. Someone brings coffee cake to work, I eat it. I walk past peanut butter chocolate mnms -- I can't resist (in fact, I'm eating them right now). Got an ice cream maker and I'm eating ice cream every night. It's out of control. In fact, I have no self-control. What happened to me? I used to have so much self control???

I'm overweight, I know this. I don't need relatives calling my husband to tell him I'm overweight to figure out that I'm not thin. I started running in March. I'm up to 30 mins straight. Yay me AND I lost 10 lbs but I that weight loss won't come with just trying to get up to running 6 miles. Something has to give. I have to be healthy for my family! I need to be healthy for me.

My husband jokingly told me he was going to quit drinking for the month of July. I told him, you quit drinking for July, I will start training to run six miles, lift weights once a week AND eat better (meaning no sweets for the whole month).

So the month of July will be the no sweets challenge. I will have to be satisfied with sugar free jello and fruit.

What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This week's CSA

My family is sharing a CSA (community supported agriculture) with Kate and Jeff. This is something I have always wanted to do and what the hell, it costs $11 a week, it supports the community and it's organic. It's like Whole Foods, without walking out with all the extras like Pirate Booty and $5 loaves of French Bread. Each Wednesday, I come home to this bunch of organic goodness but then I'm left with, what to make??? Well, that what I'm gonna post each week.

Friday night is meal planning night in our family. I'm totally addicted to Everyday Food Magazine and I have a ton of cookbooks. This should be pretty fun for my readers, esp. since a lot of them already get this same CSA.

Anyways, here are the veggies from this week:
Salad Mix
Green Zucchini
Italian Parsley
English Shelling Peas
Yukon Gold potatoes
Italian Kale

Happy cooking!

I really need to post more often

Hello, to the three readers I have out there. I was just talking to my girlfriend last night about how I need to get in the habit of writing again. A few months ago, I said I was switching my focus from Lil B to parenthood and the joys of it but it really hasn't developed that way. I guess that 140 character is just easier for my attention span, huh? Or I spend my time making facebook pages for rock chucks (side note: they are really called marmots?? Can you tell I'm not from around here).

My life lately has consisted of more exercise, work, coming home, wearing down an almost walking toddler, putting him down for bed and crashing on the couch. I have sympathy cards to send, new photos to mail out of Benjamin and meals to plan because we joined a CSA. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Life has been getting in the way of blogging.

I resolve t0 write more. I resolve to spell check my writing more (so I don't bug Kina). Thats my promise to my three readers.

Pray it doesn't take me weeks to post again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a difference a year can make!

June 9, 2008

June 5, 2009

Wow, 14 lbs bigger and 10 inches taller. Ben is still small for his age ... 8th percentile in height and weight but he's 50th percentile for his head. YIKES!

Happy First Birthday (2 weeks late)

Dear Benjamin,
You're now a year old (and two weeks). The time has flown and you're definately not a baby anymore. I have to apologize for being late on this post. Btw getting ready for your birthday party, Memorial Day and Ignite Bend 2, we've been on the move.

In the past month, you've been taking steps but really aren't showing interest in walking yet. That is a good and bad thing. Good because you're less mobile, bad because your mom is a worry wort. You caught the croup, again, the day after your birthday and are just getting over a nasty cold. You have 8 teeth and have a big gappy smile when you're happy.

You love eating. Your favorite is fruit is blueberries and your favorite vegetable is carrots. It's also no surprise you wolf town cut up hot dog chunks too. The only thing you don't like is green beans. You spit them out all over the place. You also had your first taste of cake as well.

You're sleeping great! You go to bed at 7:30 and sleep sometimes until 6 a.m.

You still love books though you're really intrigued by the cat and since Alissa brought Owen's blocks over you're been tearing into them.

Cuddling is your new favorite thing as well. You give hugs and kisses, esp when you're tired.

I promise I will write more. It's the summer time and we have a lot of adventures ahead of us. Especially now that your bike trailer has arrived!