Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where have I been? Confession time

Has it really been since Mother's Day that I last posted? Sheesh. Bad blogger. I missed posting about Lil B's 2nd birthday, Lil B starting a new pre-school and Father's Day. Wow. I promise those posts are coming.

Life has been hectic. I ran into some friends over frozen yogurt who commented they haven't seen me lately. The truth of the matter, my family has been my priority and well, my health. I was on track to run a 10k and then I started having a ton of ankle pain. I was taking that training time as "me time" which left little "girl time" unless it was lunch or coffee during the work day. Since I work full time, I get to see my son in the morning before work and then after work like a lot of working moms. Most of the time, I get up with him with no gripes (most of the time) at 5:30 a.m. He usually goes to sleep at 7:30 p.m. (I pick him up at 5 p.m. from pre-school). So my me time was spent running and running until I started having awful ankle pain which would swell up and keep me up at nights. The verdict from the doctor … stop running and walk instead. ARGH. Really? I mourned the loss of running for about a second. So I started walking … 3 miles takes me 45 min vs 30 min running which equals less time with my child. I know it's only 15 min but still. I have moved my weekday walks to the morning at 5 a.m. (cuz I was up already) and I have no ankle pain. I do wish I did have a walking partner but the solitude of the Deschutes River at 5:30 a.m. is nice too.

What else? In true copycat style, Onenjen has inspired me to confess a few things I've been guilty of as of late so here goes:


I'm addicted to the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. Those Jersey girls are so over the top, they make the OC ones look like Girls Scouts. I can't stand Bethenny but I still watch her show (and *gasp*, follow her on Twitter -- she has great recipes). I should probably take that time each night to do something like blog or read a book or do yoga but alas, it's trash TV and it sucks me in. Don't get me started on the Kardashians as I'm a sucker for them as well.


I don't like Swiss Chard and kale. I get it each week in my CSA and it goes bad. I should probably give it to someone who does enjoy it as it's going to waste.


I have a few things in the works but none I can talk about. It's killing me.


Each week, I allow my son to get chicken McNuggets as a treat for dinner or lunch. After reading this, I will never let him have them AGAIN. He eats chicken nuggets (frozen kind from Costco) on a regular basis. I do make him try what we eat for dinner but he usually spits it out. I know, keep trying and I will. Until then, he'll survive on a diet of nuggets, quesadillas and pb&j. Why did Morningstar stop making veggie nuggets? Can someone solve this mystery for me?


I've been looking at my food labels more and more esp. after watching Food Inc. Years ago, I was really good about it but then I had a kid and got lazy. I am proud to say that I only had to throw out a container of Heinz because it contained HFCS. We barely eat processed food at home though I eat Health Choice frozen dinners for lunch. They are easy to make, taste good and don't contain preservatives but they are processed.


Speaking of labels, I saw this video and I'm looking at all labels on cosmetics. My husband's Old Spice contains propane. I'm buying an organic twin mattress for Lil B  and I'm thinking of stopping the use of shampoo and switching to baking soda. I'm experimenting with natural forms of deodorant but the two I have tried get a big old FAIL. Can you tell I'm a big obsessed with labels? One friend's advice … make these changes in moderation. So, in moderation, I'm making some changes to beauty, cleaning and other stuff that contains yucky stuff.


I cut off my hair and LOVE it. What I don't love is the products I have to put in my hair to make it look cute. See the confession above.


There will be a lot of weekend staycations happening this summer as my husband doesn't have any vacation time at his new job. This makes me sad but it means I get to explore more of Central Oregon.


I thought I would be ready to have another child but as of right now, I'm not ready though my grandma reminds me I'm advanced maternal age.

OK, now that I got that all off my chest, you can tell my life is rather boring. I promise I will post more so stay tuned.

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Liana said...

I understand how the 15 minutes with your son means a great deal. Now that V is 8, I can "let" her stay up later in the Summer (9:30 pm!) and spend more quality time with her after work. (Now if I could just get her to put a book down!) All those precious minutes add up for sure! It is still important to focus on yourself too, and I bet those solitary walks are more valuable than you think. I need to start some sort of exercise regimen too, but I just can't bring myself to "exercise for the sake of exercise". So I settle for riding my bike 2 miles to work. A quiet river walk would probably do me wonders.

I'm always available to take chard/kale off your hands. Do we still pick up CSA at the same place? Maybe we can arrange a swap of some kind. We share our box with neighbors and sometimes the greens aren't of sufficient quantity and I need to buy more to supplement. I bet I can make something you'd like those greens in...hmmmm.

That's great that your making healthy changes in your household. Did you try the Isopropyl Alcohol as deodorant?

Great post! See you tomorrow at CC.