Thursday, April 23, 2009

11 months!

Dear Benjamin,
Today you're 11 months old. You're babbling! You're standing and cruising around! You have 4 teeth. One thing we've realized is you're no longer a baby. You're a little boy.

You have your dad's eyes and double colic. You love to travel as we went on two road trips and you didn't complain much. On Easter, you got a taste of chocolate and you were instantly in love. You're also in love with your blankey as you have to clutch it in your hands while sleeping.

Your sleep is all over the place. The only constant is you go to bed at 7 p.m. and wake up between 5-6 am. Sometimes you sleep all night. Sometimes you wake up every hour.

The month, you experienced another ear ache and the croup with was pretty scary. The croup then turned into a mild cold but you're still as happy as can be.

You'll be walking soon which is scary because you're super fast at crawling. I love you little man. I'm amazed at how fast this first year is going.


Keely said...

Happy 11 months, Ben & family! Hard to believe it's been almost a year! I will always remember your little guys b-day since he shares it with Zoe! :)

Boston said...

He's so accomplished - and beautiful! You guys are doing great, and it's hard to believe Ben is almost 1!!! love and light, Bobbi