Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy bees

Wow, I haven't posted since March. How did that happen? Oh yea, we've been busy.

Ben has started swim lessons. I've started training for a 5K and my husband enjoying being a stay at home dad (for now).

We started the month off by heading to the Oregon Coast for a few days. It happened to be in the 70s and gorgeous out. Plenty of seafood and Rogue Ales we consumed and we learned that Benjamin is a good little traveler. He was great on the four hour ride there and back. He hung out in the Kid's Kelty and just went with the flow. He did great sleeping out of his element -- all while busting out his two front teeth. Oh and to top it off, the motel had a heated pool so Brian and Benjamin did a lot of swimming.

The evening we got home I noticed Ben was really warm and I took his temperature and sure enough, he was running a 102.5 degree temp. He stayed home the next day from day care but we had no idea why he was running the temperature. Our good ole friends at BMC Peds (disclaimer: I work for BMC) got us in and an ear infection was diagnosed.

Ben is fast. He crawls across the room so fast I'm amazed. He's also cruising pretty good and becoming a good eater though I can't get him to eat papayas. He now signs milk and all done. He is talking though I had no idea what he is saying.

The cutest ... when he is tired, he crawls to him blanket and drags it over signaling nap time.

I love this stage. All the learning and communicating. The hugs and kisses. The cuddling.

I'm sure that I'll love the next stage just as much.


alphadaddy said...

..And it keeps getting better.

We're jealous that you have a son that 'signals' nap time. Ours signals nap/sleep time by transforming into a huge grump and fighting sleep with everything he's got.

ohchicken said...

random question, what kind of baby backpack is that? and do you like it? jude is so over her ergo, since she can't really see what's going on...