Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I officially celebrated being a mom today. I haven't exactly celebrated Mother's Day since 1996. My mom died a month later in June. I can't recall what I did for her either. I often feel really guilty about that. I do have wonderful memories growing up of Mother's Day and I spent a few minutes thinking about that this morning as Benjamin and I played after he got up.

Each year, my mom and I would join my grandma and aunts and cousins for Mother's Day mass. I can remember us doing this as early as first grade. After mass, we'd attend a breakfast with other mothers and daughters. It was something I looked forward too each year. That tradition stopped when I got into high school but each year, I'd buy my mom flowers to plant in her raised beds. After she died, I would plant flowers in her honor until I moved to Bend. Mother's Day is just too early to plant here.

This morning, I got up at 6 am with Benjamin. Brian wanted me to sleep in but I was wide awake and let him sleep for a bit. He's really been into books. He can sit for minutes, occupied by looking at board books or by being read to. We then snuggled up in our blankets and watched Curious George learn about tadpoles. Brian made us French Toast and then we went for a hike. Many asked "what did you get?" As I've gotten older, materialist items are just things -- they pile up. My husband has been installing a deck for two weeks and he plans to put some planters of flowers out when the weather cooperates. I realized not only today, that I asked for something my mom would want.

I have everything I want. Why would I want more things? Esp when I have the cutest little boy ever born.

Happy Mother's Day!

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