Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where has the time gone? Has it really been over a month since I last blogs? Why yes, it has been over a month. Things have been hectic and we’ve been enjoying lazy summer days and the joys of a 15 month old.
Here are the highlights of stuff over the past month:
• Brian is still looking for a job. He is doing some freelance work but he’s staying home with Ben three days week.
• I’ve been crazy uber busy at work. Three events we sponsor happen within a three week span of each other. My boss got a new job with another company. I’m the lone pigeon in our department. I am a little lonely but I’m also super busy so it doesn’t leave me time to think about being all by myself.
• I have mysteriously lost weight. I think the bullet above has something to do with it.
• My in-laws visited and we had a staycation. We went to Crater Lake, Odell – Cascade Lakes Highway and bummed around Bend. I wish we lived closer to the Arizona in-laws or they would just buy a summer home and come here.
• Pre-molars are hell. During our staycation, I couldn’t figure out why Ben was so crabby and waking up at night and then as I noticed his top pre-molars were coming in. The bottom pre-molars are coming in as we speak. The past two nights he’s awoken screaming. He won’t take ibuprofen so we have to trick him by eating yogurt. It’s fun to do this at 2 a.m. I advise you to try it.
• My baby is not a baby – he’s a little boy. Though he hasn’t started running yet, Benjamin is fast and into everything and more and more curious as the days go on. He knows what things mean like “hey, time to brush your teeth,” – he runs to the bathroom and points to the brush. He lets you know if he wants juice or milk or a cookie but standing by the refrig or the cabinet the cookies are located. He has a favorite tv show – Yo Gabba Gabba.
• He talks. Ben’s words include banana (meaning food), dada, mama, thank you and he often tries to mimic what we say.
• He loves going outside. He sees the park and gets excited.
• He throws tantrums. He’ll let you know if he’s not done with taking a bath, swimming, not ready to go home from the park or come back in from being outside.

Overall, things are good. And with that, I leave you with my little boy who loves to swing!

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