Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't text and walk at SXSW

I've been getting educated in the ways of social media at SXSW (spring break for geeks). My brain is soaking it all in and I feel as if I'm with my own kind -- geeks from all over the world. In public, I would not walk around with my lanyard full of flair but when a famous blogger say "I like your flair" you can't help but feel proud and even more geeky.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="222" caption="Eating pasta"][/caption]

On Saturday night, I attended a party put on by a vendor I use and ran into someone who has been reading my blogs for over 8 years (and me visa versa though she's moved to the twitter platform). I wasn't sure if I should walk up and introduce myself but I'm glad I did. It was a joyous occasion.

I'm having fun but at the same time, I'm really missing my family. Skype has come in handy to get my daily Lil B fix. Over the past two weeks, sleep has been a battle in our house so when I get back, Brian and I will be sleep training (yes, letting him cry it out) Lil B. Fun times. I often get cute MMS messages of Lil B eating pasta or coloring. I cried this morning when I saw a commercial of a mother and child on TV.  I do miss them alot.

The trade show is crazy. Everyone is giving away buttons, t-shirts and ever beer so you can hear about their products and services. One vendor is giving away a fake tattoo sleeve thing I snagged for my husband. I'm seeing a lot of folks walking and texting. Just watch this video and you'll see.


Dallas Maldomado said...

asiacs shoes are good. also sucany are good to. make certain you choose a shoe that fits your foot well. <3

Carl Milland said...

There are some really bad rumors going around about Lil Wayne. I really hope they arent true. No matter what they are saying I will nonetheless buy his songs he has skills.