Thursday, March 4, 2010

Terrific Twos

Even though my son is not two for 2.5 months, we have officially entered the "terrific twos" stage as I'm coining it (trying to be positive folks).  I'm pretty sure he's not getting the greatest nap at daycare anymore because he's just cranky butt tired when he gets home.  He's hungry but we've officially also entered "ALL I WANT TO EAT FOR DINNER IS CHICKEN NUGGETS" stage as well. Sigh. Lil B, don't you know your mom is a fabulous gourmet healthy cook? You're totally missing out.

This stage is frustrating. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. At the same time, I have not been sleeping so it doesn't help I'm dog tired when I get home from work and a zombie. I just want to sit down and if that means watching the Thomas the Train (yes, we're so over Yo Gabba Gabba in our house which is unfortunate because I can tolerate Yo Gabba Gabba -- Thomas, not so much) over and over so I can just relax, so be it. I know we're in that in between stage of toddlerdom where he can't help it, he can't communicate but my GOD, the screaming.  The throwing himself on the ground because he can't play with the remote.

On the flipside, we have a new bedtime habit that is pretty sweet. After many kisses, he grabs his blankie and lays down on my lap while I rub his back. He won't do this for my husband. We are slowly trying to give him less milk before bed because his diaper weighs a few pounds when he wakes up. He's not too happy about that but I think in a week, we'll be fine. Someday we'll give that bottle up. Someday.

Next week, I'm heading out of town on business to Austin. Five nights without my family. This is exciting and sad at the same time. Five nights all by myself. Five nights of missing my son (and husband, of course). I'm going to go buy a web cam so I can skype in and say goodnight.

I'm such a good mom.


wendy said...

I have old remotes for dead electronics. Would you like one? As for the daycare naps, he might just be hitting that point where he's getting ready to be up more, and that's tough on him at first.

Alissa said...

You are a GREAT mom!

Just be diligent about encouraging Ben to use his words. More talking = yes screaming... Until you get to our stage and then more talking = more ways to yell at you. =)

Fawn said...

Stock up on booze.

Also people tell me that the twos are overrrated. It's the threes and fours that should be called "terrible". I'm finding this to be true as Bella gets closer to three.

Again stock up on booze. :)