Sunday, April 4, 2010

Can't get enough of peanut butter chocolate Easter eggs unless ...

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="126" caption="Egg hunt"]Egg hunt[/caption]

... you come down with a stomach virus.  Lil B awoke me at 3 a.m. crying with a weird cough. As I rolled out of bed and walked into him room there was this stench of grossness. Poor little guy couldn't keep anything down. After a few hours, he just sorta snapped out of it and was up for the Old Mill Easter hunt.

Lil B was a pro. He knew exactly what to do (without even telling him) -- get the eggs. He ran all over the amphitheater and when we got in the car, he fell fast asleep in the back of the Jeep. He'd been up since 3 a.m. so he had to be pretty darn tired. When he awoke, THREE HOURS LATER, we proceeded to "hide" the eggs over and over again.

Brian and I met his brother out that night. He and his girlfriend came to town for a little R&R so we went to dinner and had swanky drinks. On the way home, we noticed a police man had pulled over someone on the parkway. It was a man dressed in a bunny suit. We joked on twitter that no one would get candy in the morning as it looked like the Easter Bunny was a little tied up taking a sobriety test on the side of the road.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Lil B and his Easter basket"]Lil B and his Easter basket[/caption]

This morning Lil B was greeted with his Easter basket (bunny must have not been drunk). The candy was mostly for my husband but inside where two little trains -- Thomas and Rosey -- guess what Lil B did all morning? Play trains. I know what he'll be getting for his birthday.

Mid-morning, Brian started to not feel good. I joked he ate too many peanut butter chocolate eggs. He didn't think that was funny and within the hour was sick and couldn't keep anything down. Now, Lil B wasn't sick too long so my guess is Brian will be fine soon and well, I'm next. Fabulous.

I had a glorious meal planned but I guess we'll skip it. I might break into the strawberry pie though. Hot dogs for dinner. Yippie!

You can view our Easter photos here.

Happy Easter!


Lavinia Zola said...

My everyone be safe and get home in one piece.

Maynard Dilgard said...

The biggest unsaid thing about this whole debate is that the tax cuts are ALREADY in place RIGHT NOW. So where are all these jobs that the cuts are supposed to create? Are the millionaires spending their current extra 3% to create jobs? No...not at all. What a freaking disaster. This was a pitiful failure on the part of the president.

Freddy Millett said...

a most ironic appointment

Isis Lees said...

Unfortunately, there are no rules or requirements for membership in the Democratic party. Any crook or charlatan can claim to be a Democrat and use party resources to help fund their elections, only to turn around and vote as a Republican on every issue which matters. The Back-stabbers Squad you have named (Baucus, Nelson, Conrad, Landrieu, et al.) should already have been expelled from the party for their conniving and conspiring with the right-wing to sabotage important votes.