Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How we roll on Saturday nights

[caption id="attachment_755" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Dance party"]Dance party[/caption]

I really don't have to tell you that we're lovers of music in our household. My husband is a musician and I, well, you read this blog, you know I like music a lot. On Saturday night, I confided in my husband of the dirty little secret that Lil B and I partake in when my husband's out playing a gig -- we put on Ashes of American Flags and cue it up to "I'm the Man that Loves You." Now, for a while, when my friend Ethan had borrowed the movie, I would have to pull various versions up from YouTube but none compared to the DVD version. Not even the cute version of Heavy Metal Drummer with Spencer Tweedy when he was 6 wouldn't work from I'm Trying to Break Your Heart ... Lil B and I had to play the version from Ashes. So, that doesn't sound like a dirty secret ... well, the dirty part was that we have a little dance we to, together and I sing the song as loud as I can switching man to mom. I'd grab the DVD and Lil B would come running -- he knew I would pick him up and spend the next three minuates singing and dancing and it would be full of giggles.

Why that song? Do I need to answer that question? My husband was still like "oh my god, that is dumb." At one point, he wanted to video it but that is where I drew the line. You can video take anything else but not of us doing our secret dance.

A few weeks back, an old friend sent me a touching Facebook message about hearing a song on the radio that I told her my mom used to sing to me. That song, "Sunshine on my Shoulders" by John Denver.  Our parents mold us and it's those bonding moments you are comforted with as a child that make you realize "by gosh, she does love me unconditionally." I sorta felt like maybe Lil B and I needed our "moment." My mom used to sing "You Are My Sunshine" too.

"You Are My Sunshine" is a special song. Sometimes I can sing it to Lil B. Sometimes I can not. I substitute "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when I can't hold back tears.  But, our song is "I'm the MOM who loves you" and we do that silly little dance, well, when it's just us.

After our little dance reenactment for dad, we showed dad our new found love of the Flaming Lips:

And of Techno:

Hopefully, I'm making good memories for Lil B.


Fawn said...

This is awesome. He will remember these things forever.

Nanette said...

I love this, and I love that you cherish those moments. I feel the same way w/ my gal. Dance parties are the best!