Friday, September 19, 2008

Enjoying the stages

I've been frustrated with Benjamin's new habit of only sleeping in the swing. It started last week and now he refuses the crib and will only nap in the swing or the bed. We have gone so far to move the swing into the bedroom in order to not sleep on the couch. I was complaining about this when someone brought up a good point -- enjoy the stage because he's growing so fast. So I've been embracing it. Instead of trying to set him in the crib, he goes right in the swing and gets a good night sleep (along with us). We do stop the swing after he's asleep.

We have started a night routine -- bath, lotion, dress, eat, relax and read, swing. Eventually, we'll add crib after swing.

I've noticed that Ben won't fall asleep on my shoulder anymore. When we got home, he was a little tired so we laid in bed and fell asleep. I will miss that stage when it passes.

I can't believe he'll be four months next week!

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