Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playing on his tummy

This is a proud photo for me as I've been working with Ben on being able to play on his tummy. He's finally mastered this but gets tired after 10 mins. As long as I put toys out, he's occupied. We put the Gymni away because we thought it was time for other toys but come to find out this is the best time for the Gynmi. He lays in it and pulls all the animals and talks. He's occupied for at least an hour.

As for me, I hate to report that I haven't been doing my best in trying to eat/exercise. My excuse is I'm too tired or I have no time. I told my husband tonight that I just need to make time no matter how tired I am so on Monday/Thursday/Saturday I'm hitting the gym for an hour. I have it marked in my calendar to head out at 7:30 p.m. Ben has been going to sleep around 7 p.m. and my husband is more than capable to helping out for an hour a night. I'll report back next Sunday. Let's hope the report is I actually went!


Amanda said...

He's so cute! My little girl would absolutely not do tummy time, she hated it. :) Don't be too hard on yourself about not exercising more, you have a lot on your plate right now!!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Maybe Ben can give Owen lessons on "playing independently." What I wouldn't give for 15 minutes... let alone an hour!

I was just reading about how us American mom's don't do our kids any favors by constantly being by their side. I agree, but can't figure out how to get Owen "on his own" at home... Out in public is a different story - he's off!