Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sound asleep in the swing

Sound asleep in the swing
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Sleep -- I'm obsessed with Ben getting to sleep at night. Brian has been cheating and having the swing rock him to sleep. Last night, as Brian headed to open mic, I told him Ben wasn't going in the swing. Instead, Ben headed to bed with me to watch tv. Ben will fall fast asleep in his sleep sack (BEST INVENTION EVER) right next to me. When Brian came home, we were fast asleep. Ya see, Brian isn't for Ben sleeping with us except in the morning so he moved him to the crib.

Brian asked "so when can we cry it out in the crib." Good question. Most books don't recommend CIO until 4 months but I'm all for at least trying to teach the guy how to fall asleep so I'm going to try and avoid it if I can. He is smart and I know if given the chance he'll fall asleep if we set a routine.

But he's so cute clutching that blanket, isn't he?

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