Friday, November 7, 2008

Starting veggies

Lil B has been eating rice cereal since Oct 1. I started off by giving him 1/2 a tablespoon. At first he really didn't get it but now when he goes into the high chair, he knows he's getting rice cereal and he's now eating over 2 tablespoons. He opens wide and gets really really excited. He loves the stuff though it tastes like sweet cardboard to me.

This is a sign he's ready for green beans -- the first vegetable he's gonna get from me. I bought two cans of no salt added, preservative free green beans and I'm ready to puree and freeze them, in preparation of solids.

So why am I holding back? Well, I like to get official go ahead from Lil B's pediatrician. Some have told me go ahead and just feed him the beans, others are mortified he's eating rice cereal before 6 months. My baby book has given me step by step directions on feeding solids so I could go ahead but I'm hesitating. Maybe I will call the doctor next week and just ask if I can start.

Oh, to be a new parent!


Nicole said...

And here's more to worry about (sorry)... canned foods contain BPA because of the lining used in the cans. The amount of BPA exposure depends on the brand and the product. Eden Foods is the only brand without BPA in its cans. You're better off with fresh or frozen veggies.

Jen F said...

When my kids were ready for vegies I would make extra of whatever we ate, to puree and freeze. It was great this time of year because there's lots of fresh, local squash and so on. I think Squash and Sweet Potatoes were the hands down favorites!

Just out of curiosity, why did you pick squash as the first vegie for Lil B?

Jen F said...

Ack, I meant "green beans". Last line should have been:

Just out of curiosity, why did you pick green beans as the first vegie for Lil B?

It's too early. I am going back to bed. ;-)

Alicia said...

You've now entered the new stage where everyone has their opinion on what is best for your baby...again. lol All I can tell you in response to the people that were shocked Ben is eating solids before 6 months is that both my kids started solids at 4 mos & 5 1/2 mos, respectively, and are both healthy, happy eaters. Every child is different and is ready for different things at different stages. My two were big breastfed babies that were sitting up well and DYING to get their hands on big people food! Do what you and your doc feel is best for Ben.

Harrison's 1st food was rice cereal, then mashed bananas. Madalynne's first food was bananas. I switched first foods with Maddie because I had wanted to do bananas w/Harrison, as they are such a beneficial food, but felt pressured a bit by my doc at the time to do rice cereal. I found more of my mother confidence and trusted my instincts the second time around. The results? They are both healthy...Maddie has a broader palate than Harrison, but who knows if it really is the order of the 1st foods or just their own little taste buds! Hang in there girl, you're doing just great!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Remember - you are the mom. You decide when you think Ben is ready for things. Dr V is awesome, but he's not the one watching Ben each day. If you call, I bet a zillion dollars that he'll say, "sure, whenever you think he's ready." Veggies are fun - dive it!