Monday, December 29, 2008

The weaning process

I have started the weaning process with Ben. I'm proud I have made it this far in the breastfeeding process and have given my little guy a great start in life.While in Omaha, we began giving Ben two bottles a day. I'm to the point I'm only pumping once a day at work.

I told myself months ago that after the Omaha trip, I'd stop breastfeeding. As my Aunt Nancy said, it has been the best way to bond with my baby. I thought I wouldn't have a problem with letting go but I am. Maybe I'm not ready for my baby to grow up? Right now, he's only nursing before bed and in the morning. The other issue I'm having is
how to bottle feed a baby. It just doesn't feel comfortable to me sometimes and sometimes I am not fast enough and Ben is screaming his
head off.

Oh the joys of breastfeeding.


Alissa Maxwell said...

I think the secret to fast bottles is just using warm tap water (if you are doing formula). Much easier that waiting for something to heat on the stove. You know, you might be able to stick with the 2 bottles/2 nursings combo for quite a while if you want. That was a great balance for us for several months.

Elise Michaels Media said...

He probably loves the bonding time too, mommy. Do you have to wean him? Is it a work thing?