Saturday, January 3, 2009

BPA freein' my house

I spent some of my time this week replacing plastic items around my house that have BPA in them. All of the Take and Toss items I got as gifts contained BPA as well as all of my Avent bottles so I recycled it all and went out and bought new Take and Toss items. When I registered last year, BPA wasn't a problem but now that it's up in the air if BPA is really bad for you, I'm not taking chances. Since Benjamin is nursing less and drinking from cups and bottles, I wanted to make sure the products weren't leaching chemicals into his formula and juice. We've been using Born Free products since about three months old and I picked up Parent's Choice 9 oz BPA free bottles from WalMart when I was in Omaha (note to Super Walmart -- I miss you! I know, I should like WalMart but I do esp the grocery part).

I had a brand new set of Avent 9 oz bottles I never opened and tried to return to Target. Apparently, I can't return them because they now sell the new Avent BPA free bottles which sucks. The lady in line told me to put them on craigslist as some moms don't care about BPA. I'm not sure how I feel about that -- even giving them away I feel liable.

It didn't cost much to replace everything I had -- maybe $20. Small price to pay for the health and well being of my child.

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