Monday, March 23, 2009

10 months old!

Dear Benjamin,
Today your are 10 months old.
Yes, I'm in disbelief because of this and I'm wondering where did the time go? It flew by so fast! The last month, you spent growing and learning and are becoming more and more aware of the world. You're also into everything. You're no longer army crawling and finally crawling though you prefer to belly crawl. You're into your toys, esp. the feel and touch cards and LOVE books. You've practically worn out Dr. Seuss ABCs.

You're new trick is standing. You want to be standing at all times it seems and it was a blessing once you figured out how to sit down without crashing to the floor.

As for eating is going, you're eating more and more table food and things off our plates. Yesterday morning, you took a bite of French Toast and demanded more off my plate as you were in love with maple syrup! You love juice in the sippy but won't take milk in the sippy. We hope you warm up to this idea as you're not always going to be sucking on a bottle.

With your new standing trick, you have taken a few tumbles trying to walk. Bumps and bruise are evident and I'm always there to snuggle up and make it better.

Son, you're an amazing gift and we're truly blessed. I will take a bet that this time next month, you'll be walking. Better go baby proof the house!


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