Monday, March 30, 2009

$100 a month challenge?

How did I do? Well, I went 50 cents over on my groceries. Keep in mind, this didn't count formula and baby food items (canned chicken, canned veggies, oatmeal) or household cleaning products. What we didn't do so well on was NOT eating out. We did great the first two weeks and then after that we didn't stick to our budget. We did go to happy hour and used coupons when we did. We also went out of town this past weekend so we had to eat out. Good thing our hotel had complimentary breakfast (which was actually pretty good).

I learned that I am not a coupon clipper and we mostly ate from our pantry. It also works if I plan ahead, something I didn't do that last week. We will start over on April 1 with a more strict budget and I will give my husband cash so I don't see debits from the liquor store. I'm thinking $100 total for eating out (not counting our coast trip) and $50 fun money (lunch, coffee, etc).

I think this is a learning process to see what works and doesn't work. I think I'm not into coupons because I shop alot at Trader Joes and don't buy processed foods.

So, that is the report. I'm making my grocery list and dinner list tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Hi Shannon -- I think that's amazing, that the two of you could stick to $100/month for groceries. I make all the dinners for my family plus mine & my husband's lunches (my kids eat lunch at school), and I just can't get my bill under $100/week. I don't buy processed foods or instant foods or any of that -- no chips, no cheese puffs, no frozen dinners. (I do buy those tiny Totinos pizza for my son. It's just too easy a thing to feed him!)

Maybe I need to shop at Trader Joe's instead of Safeway. But I thought TJs *only* sold processed foods & pre-made meals?

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'm impressed at your monthly spending. I can't imagine how you could do it month after month (the pantry is going to get empty sometime), but it's great to have a goal. Meal planning is key around our house, but our weekly groceries are closer to $75... Plus the monthly Costo trip. You're awesome!