Sunday, March 1, 2009

$100 grcoery challenge

So Brian and I are going to TRY to spend only $100 this month on groceries. We took inventory of our freezer and cupboards and said what the heck! The rules are as follows -- we can only spend $100 this month on groceries. We are excluding diapers, baby food (which we hardly buy), baby items, household cleaning products and beauty items like shampoo and deodorant. We are reserving $100 ($50 a piece) in a jar for fun items. Tonight, I bought a $4 box of Thin Mints so now I have $46 left. My guess is my husband will spend all of his money on beer since that does count against our groceries. Each Saturday, I will take inventory of the cupboards, freezer and make a meal list and then shop for what I need.

This week's list is:
Cheese & Vegetable Pizza
Veggie Burgers
Olive, tomato pasta
Spinach Ravioli

Now that I type this, I notice we only have one meat item. My frig is FULL of meat too so my guess is the second will we'll be diving into meat!

I also want to thank everyone for their tips. A co-worker told me that I should check out the Dollar Tree for items. I never knew they food! Grocery Outlet is an awesome place for deals as well. I did sign up for The Grocery Game's free trial as well so I will report on my findings there. If you sign up, please let them know I referred you (my email is I'll post some of the tips I've received in weeks to come as well.

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Wish me luck!

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