Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night I got home from work, fed the kiddo, decompressed and then I picked myself off the couch and went to the gym. I always feel guilty going to the gym because I'm away from my kid all day and then I go somewhere for an hour and be away from him. My husband says I need this time but I still feel guilty. I don't know how I'll get over it but I must.

When I was a kid, somehow my mom talked me into going to Jazzercise with her. I then talked my friend Mariel and her mom into going as well. This is where I learned my mother wasn't so coordinated. I was a geeky, tall and lanky 13 year old so doing jazz steps and jumps wasn't so pretty either. I shouldn't be making fun of my mom. The site of my Jazzercing wasn't so pretty. It was something that my mom and I did together for two years, three times a week. We'd motivate each other to go and we'd have a good time. My mother wasn't athletic and that was the most she exercised but she gave it a try and I was pretty proud of her.

What I wasn't proud of was the neon outfit I wore to do my workouts in! Good thing I don't have photos of those moments.


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