Friday, December 18, 2009

The bucket list

When I was growing up, I always asked for practical items for gifts. Exercise equipment, new tires for my car, measuring cups for baking (a boyfriend was embarrassed to give me this, by the way – it wasn’t romantic but I didn’t make him a nice romantic cake).  I think my mom gave me a word processor the Christmas my freshman year of college because I didn’t like typing up my papers in the UNL’s computer labs. I always want practical. Frivolous is not my thing.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my husband about things I’d like to do before I die. If I could pick ten items, this would be the list (in no particular order):

  • Take a cruise in the Mediterranean

  • Watch the Macy’s parade LIVE in NYC on Thanksgiving day with my children

  • Attend a live solo Jeff Tweedy show

  • Climb South Sister

  • Have a drink with Bono

  • See a Flaming Lips show in Oklahoma

  • Attend a multi-day music festival (Austin City Limits and Pitchfork come to mind)

  • See all of the national parks

  • Travel Europe

  • Write a book

So what does my bucket list have to do with Christmas you might ask? As many know, it has been a tough year and we really haven’t done much for ourselves. Sure we went on some trips but mostly we’ve been trying to keep our family afloat while the future is in question – will my husband EVER find a job? The job market in Bend is tough right now so we’re patiently hoping, wishing, praying something happens soon.

A few weeks back, I got a check in the mail from the parental unit with the rule that I had to blow it on something frivolous and not save the money. It’s hard not to save money right now – we need to save it but I racked my brain.  Then the idea was presented to use it towards something on my bucket list. In order to not jinx it, I will make you all wait until said checking off the list happens but it’s pretty cool and frivolous. Stay tuned. Full report will come.


monkeyinabox said...

The easiest one on your list is "Climb South Sister". Well, not exactly easy in the effort it reqauires, but it certainly doesn't cost a lot to do. You really don't need good gear to do this one, just bring plenty of water and wait until August.

Just think, if you push hard, you could have your book done before you climb the mountain.

Somehow having a drink with Bono wouldn't be high on my list, because I have a feeling his conversation topics might not be the kind of thing I would want to talk about versus taking about the band. ;)

Shannon said...

That is my most out of reach bucket list item. I have no idea how I could make that happen! I just want to have a beer with Bono. I think I would be completely speechless in front of him and wouldn't be able to talk, ya know.

Shannon said...

ARGH! I was just reminded of another bucket list item ... seeing Phish live on NYE!

wendy said...

I want to go to Russia. Well, actually the Ukraine to see where my paternal great-grandparents fled from so they wouldn't end up in the gulag.

I want to climb the South Sister too someday, since no one has put an elevator up there yet.

Jade said...

Yaaay for frivolous! Whatever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful delightful most marvelous go of it sans unnecessary guilt. Enjoy!

Jesse Harding said...

This is so cool. Good for you and good for your parents on encouraging you to spend the money on something frivolous. I think your list is awesome and I may have to "borrow" some for my list. I actually live in Omaha and was surprised to read that you did too. If you want to have a drink with Bono just come on back to Omaha and go to the Dundee Dell because when he is in town he tends to go to dinner there. I hope you and your husband are able to have a great time doing whatever it is you choose to do and I hope he can find a job. Good luck!

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