Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm not gonna review the Wilco show

You read that right. After two weeks of thinking about even mentioning it on my blog, I've decided to let my friend Ethan's words speak for me. Though I can not take credit for getting Ethan into Wilco, I can take credit for persuading him into seeing them live this summer when we went to Jacksonville. I think before that show, Ethan pretty much thought I was full of crap when it came to Wilco. Good thing they put on an amazing show! After that, he was completely hooked.  What I will talk about regarding the show is that it was the best indoor show I've seen (well, only so that isn't saying so much). I will also mention that I walked out of there a little disappointed. Yes, the show rocked but my beloved Spiders (kidsmoke) was not played. BOO! I think my disappointment was mainly that it was a little more laid back than usual? Who knows.

Yes, there was a moment with Pat Sansone - again (you'll remember I saw him on the way to the porta potties at the Jacksonville show. I wished him a good show. He thanked me). As we (Brian, Ethan and I) were leaving the hotel, Brian said "Hey, it's Pat." He was sitting in the bar with a few ladies have a drink. Ethan and I got giddy but my buzzed husband stole the show. As we could not watch, Brian took my ticket from the Bend show and got it signed. Brian then tried to tell us that we were all invited to sit down and have a drink (this was after we got into Arlen). We could have killed him! Of course, Brian was a little buzzed (I later discovered he had taken two bottles from the mini-bar).

Then the show happened.

After the show we got donuts and walked through downtown Portland, kidless. It's a weird feeling being a parent and not having your kid around. We got to sleep in. We had an adult breakfast. We went to IKEA. BORING.

This week Wilco announced they would take the summer off which is fine by me. I was planning a break from them anyway (UNLESS they played Bend or Portland). Gives me a chance to prep for June's U2 show.

So enjoy Wilco opening with "Sunken Treasure" (was hoping for "Wilco" (the song)

and another favorite "Impossible Germany"

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