Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting ready for the little guy/gal

I've been talking with my husband for weeks about a list of things to do before the baby is born. He finally asked me last night to acutally type up and print the darn thing so he can get cracking. I about feel off my chair. So here is the list for the whole internet to see -- nesting officially has begun....

Clean office
- organize closet
- organize desk
- organize wall hangings
- get hide a bed

Paint bedroom
Paint hallway/kitchen/living room
Paint Lil Berger's room

Organize bedroom closets

Organize laundry room

Organize garage
Paint garage

Get the baby room ready
- buy crib/dresser/changing table
- buy closet organizer
- buy glider
- register for gifts

Clean carpets

In other news, I bought new bras last night. I could not stand it anymore. The girls were spilling out. The bra extenders have been working great -- too bad they don't make cup extenders. I was completely shocked at what I had to move up to. I also bought a cute dress and maternity top too because you gotta be fashionable still when you're knocked up.

Two weeks until we know the sex of our baby! I almost can't wait.

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Tiffany Love-Zach said...

you don't want to know what the baby is! Be surprised!!! You are a control freak aren't you you have to know everything. hehehehe you are so funny. Does Brian have a blog I would like to hear his side of all this.