Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Messages boards

I've been sitting on this one for a few days but I kinda want to rant about baby messages boards. Yes, they are meant to be helpful and a lot of times people ask questions I want to ask but don't but lately, some of the ladies are getting on my nerves. For example, someone asked about immunizations. Most people are for them with the exception of one mom who describes physicians as "being in it for the money and paid by the drug companies." Excuse me? Wow! All physicians? She went onto say that none do work for free either. I BEG YOUR PARDON? A lot of doctors go on missions and volunteer in third world countries. Many locally volunteer at our community clinics.

There was also this long argument about natural child birth. I'm sorry but if I'm in pain, give me drugs. This isn't the 1800s. Call me lame but it's my choice. I can't believe how many women jumped down another's throat about the suject. Other taboo topics to avoid breastfeeding, cloth diapers and anything green. You're a horrible mother if you don't go green. Who can afford that? NOT ME!

The internet has made us all try to self-diagnose before picking up the phone to make that call. I'm guilty of it. It's amazing the stuff on immunizations on the internet. It's just as bad as the stuff my husband found on circumcision. The rule, don't believe everything you read on the internet. It might have an agenda esp when it comes to your kids.

For now, I'm going to stick to the Dr. Sear's books and my pediatrician for advice -- not messages boards.

Maybe that should be my next topic -- picking a pediatrician. Of course, I'm totally biased since I work with two of the most wonderful docs in Bend and choosing between them is going to be really really hard.


Live on the Fly said...

Yep, just follow your pediatrician's advice. The only labor advice I'll give you: don't let Brian eat Frito's while you're doing your he-he ha-ha breathing. You'll want to jam the bag down his throat from his nasty Frito's breath in your face!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yep - I need to remind myself that, in general, the people posting on the message boards are the ones with the most extreme opinions. I think they're great for product reviews, but that's about it. Otherwise, trust those great pediatricians you know - I think 10 out of 12 women in my mom's group are taking their kids to BMC!