Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random thoughts for week 19

I can't believe I'm having a boy. I'm not sad about it but I'm still in a state of shock about having a boy. Now I pay extra attention to baby boys and boy clothes and even bought our little man a few outfits (6-9 months) and we officially bought his "coming home" outfit yesterday.

Everyone is asking us about names. Months ago when I was convinced our boy was a girl, I told my husband he could pick the name. He has picked Benjamin or Ben but not Jamin as someone joked. So far, Lil Berger has been replaced with Benjamin. It's sticking but I also really like Andrew or Drew for short but the husband isn't convinced. We will keep the middle name secret.

After having lunch with Alyssa and Owen the other day, I've decided my baby's "thing" will be hats!!! Since I've found out it's a boy, I've bought three cute hats.

I'm having a lot of anxiety which I'm told is normal. I am mostly freaking out about bringing the baby home and not knowing what to do with it. I think I need someone here with me the first few days and without my mom to turn to, I'm quite anxious about it. My friend who is moving has offered to come stay the first week which has calmed my fears a little. I usually don't miss my mom as much but I'm missing her more.

I love my deep water fitness class!

My birthday is two weeks from today. I feel the need to "live it up." That used to mean martinis but now means staying up past 10 p.m. I want expensive things like a Wii, a new ipod and a Coach purse.

I will need to post the story about the ultrasound but the gist is that my baby is laying breech, face down for now and his little legs are punching my bladder. Once my bladder fills up, it crowds him and he starts kicking my bladder or that's at least what the ultrasound showed. I may have to go back for another one since they couldn't get the front of the heart which is fine by me!

I am in shock that Friday will mean I'm halfway through! Yay!


Deby said...

Congrats to you! I was shocked when I found out that after two girls I was having a boy. My little guy is such a love and I have such a good time picking out dinosaur and plane outfits for him.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yes, hats have become our thing because Owen is bald! Old Navy has great ones, and they change stock every couple months. The anxiety is totally normal, but you can help fend it off by taking the "Baby ABC's" class through Birthing and Beyond. Plus, you better belive all of us will be around to help you out that first week - and beyond.

Little Things said...

First, happy birthday!!

Second, if you need some hands, I'd be happy to offer mine up when baby comes. My kids have both survived fairly well thus far. ;)