Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My back is killing me

This morning I was singing a little jingle to the melody of the Modest Mouse tune (w/ Flaming Lips, I might add) "The Good Times are Killing me." It was "my back is killing me." Why is my back killing me? I asked the doctor this and her explanation was the hormones relax your joints therefore your back hurts. This explains the knee and elbow pain as well.

Anyway, I had to go around the office trying to find someone with tylenol. It didn't help much. So, I ordered a Snoogle and everyone says it will help. I hope it does. Now if I could get my husband to quit snoring and the dog to sleep on my husband's feet, maybe I'll get a good night sleep for once.


Keely said...

By the end of pregnancy, I had two snoogles. One for front, one for back. I was surrounded by snoogle and sort of comfortable. :)

Deby said...

I didn't want to give my snoogle up. You sleep so well with that thing!