Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yes, I registered for a $160 swing

When my friend and I went and registered, she insisted that I register for a swing for the baby. I opted for a small, space saving swing that was reasonably priced -- well, that was until I saw the swing she had that night at her house. The Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing was so cool I had to register for it! The problem, it's $160, but the thing is darling. It vibrates, it rocks, it lights up. I am on the lookout for a used one on craigslist but until I do, I'll keep it on my registry.

I scored a exersauser, gynmi, pack n play, stroller and car seat from my gracious friend Becky so I took those off my registry. I think I also located a glider via craigslist I'm going to check out tomorrow. Gotta love a deal.


Tiffany Love-Zach said...

Read the reviews. My friend Cathie, her mom and sister all had one. All 3 motors went out. I was bummed cuz I was wanting to borrow it :(

Alissa Maxwell said...

Um, we'll be selling our swing at the time you're going to need one. It's nearly identical to the one you want - just with leaves and birds instead of the stars... It's truly a lifesaver!

Keely said...

A good swing IS a lifesaver. We opted for a smaller one because we travel to San Diego a lot and it folded up quite nicely. I also liked that it was easy to move all over the house, unlike the crazy Jumperoo. Meh.

Link to registry, please. ;)

Alissa Maxwell said...

I saw the swing you want on Craigslist today (posted yesterday) for only $80. Ours will still be available to you, but if you want the stars and moons theme, check that one out.