Monday, April 7, 2008

I have surrogate moms

Everyone lately has been asking when my mom was coming out. It's been mostly work ppl that don't know my mom isn't alive and if you catch me on a good day, I'm fine with it but if you catch me on a crazy hormonal day, I'm not.

The thing is, I know I'm gonna be OK. My friend Shawn is coming to stay with me the first. This should be a whole lotta fun considering her baby will be 9 months old. Then a few weeks later, my Arizona in-laws will be stopping by and then a few weeks after that my dad. Yes, my mother-in-law lives her but that relationship, well, is a little estranged for my husband. We haven't seen her in months and then last week I ran into her at the hospital. She was shocked at how huge I've gotten. Do I think she'll be much help? Can't say but she hasn't been much in the 4 years I've lived her so I don't see anything starting now.

BUT, this leads me to all of those who are mothers in my life. For example, Joey, my lovely boss. She doesn't have kids (just a crazy Britney Spaniel) and she feels like a mom to me. She even asked if she could be the baby's surrogate grandma. She stepped in and threw me a shower! She's always willing to listen and always willing to give hugs when needed.

I have others, like Shawn's mom, Jane. She even offered to come over from Salem and help out.

And there are my aunts, though they live in the midwest, always want to know what's going on and have plenty of advice to offer.

I'm fortunate to also have a lot of Bend friends and out of state friends to offer advice and arms to hold baby.

So, the point of this post -- I'm going to be fine. I just have to stop breaking down in tears when ppl ask me.

Gotta love hormones. 9 more weeks to go!!!


Wendy said...

I love to hold babies! You can just drive right past your MIL's house and come to mine instead, and I'll make my SIL come too, and then I can have a snuggly baby boy in each arm.

Deby said...

Take all the support that you can get!! You are lucky and wise to have family coming out in shifts to help you.

And for all of your back up moms here in Bend (I'm jealous myself), they will make awesome babysitters! You can get your hair done, grocery shop and go on dates with your hubby knowing that your baby is being spoiled with love.

Amanda said...

You'll be okay, as long as you have lots of people around that are supportive and can help you. People love to help with babies, We still even seem to have more offers to babysit than we can use!