Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy times...

People are just starting to touch my belly. I'm OK with people I know touching my belly, for the record. But call me "huge" and I'll bit your head off. I have less than 7 weeks to go. I also learned I can not wear heels anymore. Ouch! My feet still hurt today.

Friday I ended up with dehydration contractions again. I'm taking water with me everywhere and I'm going to drink 32 oz before leaving the house and heading to work. It's the worse feeling to have to lay down on the floor in your office for an hour. I guess for me, it's embarrassing because I'm working hard and have a list a mile long to get down and I have to lay down! Ugh.

We had our "Baby ABC's" class at Birthing & Beyond yesterday and learned things I never thought of about baby care, breast feeding and the 5 S's. My husband was amazed at how easy it is to quiet a baby with those 5 S's.

I am feeling overwhelmed that I'm running out of time. I need to schedule our house for a deep clean though everyone tells me that nesting is going to kick in. I have been so lazy with cleaning the house, I hope people don't pop in and want to use the bathroom - it's gross. The baby's room needs to get organized and I need to make a trip to Entrees Made Easy to get meals prepped for my husband to make.

I have exciting news and I feel so lucky -- my husband will be working from home starting in a month. What timing! He'll be home all summer and the baby won't have to go to day care full time -- just 20 hours a week. He told his employer on Friday and then go word over the weekend that he got a part time job from home. The job is twice his salary and 10 hours less a week. But now I'm relieved that there will be help in the afternoon. Yay, how life works out sometimes.

I pick up my cloth diapers tomorrow. My husband is not excited about this. He'd rather throw disposables in the landfill but I remind him this is for the best. He's also mad we're not doing a diaper service. I think he'll get over it.

Off to Target. I need to return the diaper pail I bought -- I need a trash can with tight lid and I'm going to try and return my Advent bottles for BPA free. I wish I would have known about BPA before registering.

This week is exciting a small shower, cloth diapers, I get to see my good friend from Eastern Oregon (I MISS YOU), breastfeeding class and a bachelorette party!

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ohchicken said...

i was JUST thinking about diaper pails for cloth diapers (we bought our diapers yesterday...) and am curious as to what you picked. do tell!