Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This &%$* is bananas

I have the lyrics of "Hollaback Girl" in my head -- well the bad part of the song that is. I believe the hormones are kicking in full force. Btw work, home, trying on maternity clothes (OMG, I look like a cow) and some unpleasant new pregnancy symptoms I feel like if one more thing goes wrong or I get one more complaint, I will blow it.

I cry at the dumbest things. I cried over something at work yesterday I'd never cry over. I was crying in the shower yesterday. I cry when I come home and saw the sink full of my husband's lunch dishes. I cried when my boss said the reassuring things I usually say to her. I cried when I tried on maternity clothes.

When I get this way, I try to think positive. I try to use "The Secret" I'm always preaching about but it's just been a total snowball of life things.

Pray that it gets better. Please.


Tiffany Brook said...

Ha! That is Ava's all time fav song! I have to scream "STUFF" really loud when the say s*%T. Thanks now I have it in my head too!

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Oh honey, you should have told me. Here's the thing: I cry all the time, and I'm not even pregnant. Acutally, I usually only cry 5 days a month, but they are sad days, indeed. It is the hormones, not you. Plus also, for the record, I had two girls and a boy, and the boy's pregancy was very cry-y, and I had terrible insomnia with him. I think it's the boy hormones. So, it's not you, it's him.

And, here's the big news: there's nothing wrong with crying. Embrace the cry.

And one more hint: you will be crying from here on out, for the next few months, so don't freak out. It's super hard and incredibly stressful to be pregnant, and to have a baby, especially when you're working full time. That's just a little thing they foget to tell you in the "What to Expect" books.

Of course you love that little guy, but he's doing a real number on your body and your brain, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Embrace the prego, and welcome to the mommy club!

Jen said...

What Julie said! ;)

I remember seeing a cotton commercial (you know, "the fabric of our lives"?)... and crying.

And seeing a dog that looked like my old dog that had died years ago... and crying.

I don't cry as much as when I was pregnant, but I still cry plenty. Even a little tonight, if it makes you feel better to know that.

Soon you will get to hold your baby. And you might cry.

Better yet, some day you will hug him... and then he'll hug you back.

That's well worth a good cry, too.

It's not just your body that changes when you are pregnant. Your mind and your heart change too. And I think crying is maybe part of that. Also, I got dumber during pregnancy. I still don't feel like I ever got all those lost brain cells back, either. Phooey.

Live on the Fly said...

Hey, I cried when my husband told me I didn't rinse the toothpaste out of the sink! And now, I cry on a split second's notice. As I like to say, "I cry at KMart grand openings!"

Fawn said...

I remember standing at the kitchen sink filling up a glass of water and bursting into tears for no reason. It's so strange what happens.

Wendy said...

I am not at all a cryer, but every little thing set me off when I was pregnant. I should have sued Kleenex for all their commercials that turned me into such a girl!

Deby said...

I went through life as the stoic and unemotional member of my family.

Then I had kids. I was preggo with Katya when Jurassic Park came out. I burst into tears in the middle of it and had to leave.

Afterwards, I pretty much returned to my old state - but a bit more emotional.

Then I got preggo with Alexis and Logan. Water works for darn close to two years. TV commercials, Extreme Home Makeover I had to have a whole box of tissues in my lap for, stupid songs on the radio, dishes in the sink - you name it.

Now, I am quite the emotional basketcase compared to what I once was. Songs still can bring me to tears. I can't watch sad movies or read sad books - it tears me up.

Embrace the tears. You are earning them the hard way by making a baby. Besides, you can look back on this some day and laugh. Be sure and put it in the baby book. If you wait until after the baby arrives, you won't do it.

Occidental Girl said...

I will cry today with you, for I am emotional due to period. Hi, too much information?

Best thing is to cry it out. Then take a nap. Trust me, give in to it. It will get better. Soon, I hope!