Monday, April 7, 2008

Much better spirits

I had a little scare when I went to my regular OB appointment on Thursday. My blood pressure was elevated. The doctor was a tad worried so she made me sit around and have it retaken 20 mins later. It ended up being fine so after that, I didn't go back to work -- I went home and prepared for my three day weekend with my husband to Eastern Oregon. I figured I deserved that much. Last week was a bit rough, with the hormones and all so the thought of a relaxing 4.5 hour drive to Baker City was all I could think about -- oh and the pizza my friends were going to feed us.

I must say, our good friends spoiled us this weekend. Pizza, salads, appetizers, subs, stromboili - I think I will have to eat vegetables and fruit for the next week to make it for it. And since there wasn't much to do in the winter in Baker City (there is skiing but I can't do that right now), Brian and I just relaxed at this lovely spot called "The Cat in the Hat."

We took our time getting home. Something about car rides lately make me so thirsty.

Nine weeks to go. I'm excited and nervous all at once!


Amanda said...

My blood did that too, with Lucy! They thought I had preeclampsia and I even had to go to the hospital for a few hours to be monitored (this was in my 36th or 37th week I think). It just turned out that I would be nervous that my blood pressure would be high when they took it, so it actually would be high. Really dumb. I had to start doing these breathing exercises before my appts. to make sure it would be lower when they took it.

Amanda said...

My first sentence up there should say blood pressure, not blood. :P