Monday, June 22, 2009

CSA Week 3 meal plan

Another exciting CSA week! We ate the cherries right up! Here are the items we'll have for dinner this week with our basket of goodies!

Steak, baked chili potatoes (csa), grilled summer squash (csa) and greek salad (various csa goodies)

Lentils and swiss chard risotto

Chicken with fennel (fennel, carrots from CSA)

We have spinach and romaine to go along with each meal along with fresh basil, we'll make caprese salads too!

Unfortunately, our parsley died right away so we'll be making lemon orzo pasta this week instead of last. So far, that is the only thing we've wasted.

Next week brings the following veggies:

Bunched Spinach
Baby Romaine
Walla Walla onion
green beans
Red gold new potatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

I see homemade salsa in our future...

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