Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy First Birthday (2 weeks late)

Dear Benjamin,
You're now a year old (and two weeks). The time has flown and you're definately not a baby anymore. I have to apologize for being late on this post. Btw getting ready for your birthday party, Memorial Day and Ignite Bend 2, we've been on the move.

In the past month, you've been taking steps but really aren't showing interest in walking yet. That is a good and bad thing. Good because you're less mobile, bad because your mom is a worry wort. You caught the croup, again, the day after your birthday and are just getting over a nasty cold. You have 8 teeth and have a big gappy smile when you're happy.

You love eating. Your favorite is fruit is blueberries and your favorite vegetable is carrots. It's also no surprise you wolf town cut up hot dog chunks too. The only thing you don't like is green beans. You spit them out all over the place. You also had your first taste of cake as well.

You're sleeping great! You go to bed at 7:30 and sleep sometimes until 6 a.m.

You still love books though you're really intrigued by the cat and since Alissa brought Owen's blocks over you're been tearing into them.

Cuddling is your new favorite thing as well. You give hugs and kisses, esp when you're tired.

I promise I will write more. It's the summer time and we have a lot of adventures ahead of us. Especially now that your bike trailer has arrived!


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Barney Lerten said...

Such a sweet post, Shannon. To think, one day as an adult, if the Gods of Tech allow, he'll be able to read this and be... intrigued, totally embarrased, who knows?
Time in a bottle...