Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks

Ya know, I was told by everyone that people would just offer random advice and that I'd get highly annoyed by it. I've skipped through without much unsolicited advice but since I've started showing, the advice has started pouring in. Last week someone asked me if I was drinking decaf coffee (which I was) and then two hours later when I cracked open a Pepsi, someone tried to take it away from me. Then after I got my haircut, someone came up and lectured me on how I shouldn't be coloring my hair (which I haven't done since November). I just mostly smile and try not to act annoyed but sometimes it's hard.

Onto another topic... my birthday was on Sunday and though the day went by without fuss, it was a good day. Lil Berger blessed me with the present of my first Braxton Hicks contraction while at a Superbowl Party. At first I was a little freaked until I told my friend Shawn who explained what it was. My husband bought me a new DVD player since we thought ours was broke ... turns out the cat must has unhooked it while taking a nap behind the television so now we have a DVD player in the bedroom.

The whole birthday thing this week has me grateful for the "moms" in my life. Since my family is 1500 miles away (my dad is 3000), I mostly get calls and emails. I am grateful for my surrogate mothers -- Joey and Kathy. I showed up to work on Monday and they had presents sitting on my desk. They made the day after really special. I can't forget to thank Shawn for breakfast and the cookbook and Kina for the soap and baby things (that frog jacket is SO cute).

I'm blessed with wonderful people in my life.

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Wendy said...

Time to start using snappy comebacks to all the people that give advice.

When I was pregnant with #4, I got so sick of people telling me the world was overpopulated or asking me if I knew how babies were made yet, that I started saying that I planned to have at least 20 so I could start an army for my plan for world domination.