Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas seems so long ago

Where did the time go? It seems like Christmas was ages ago but it was really only two weeks ago.  As you may recall, Lil B woke up with croup the day before Christmas Eve.  He laid around for two days and wasn't too interested in opening his presents so his dad helped him. I was afraid that maybe he just wasn't into it but it turns out that he just wasn't feeling well and we should have waited for Christmas. Brian got up with him on Christmas morning and OPENED THE REST OF THE PRESENTS WITHOUT ME. Yes, I have a mean husband.  I guess he ripped through all of them and loved playing with his tent that santa brought him.

After breakfast, I took a shower and when I came out, Brian informed me that Lil B was taking a nap which was shocking since he doesn't take naps until the afternoon but apparently he played to much with all of his new toys and fell asleep in his lunch. Evidence is below.

The rest of the day, we spent packing for our Arizona trip to see my in-laws. I was relieved that  Lil B was feeling better because I really didn't want to take a sick kid on an airplane

You might remember that I have commented on Lil B being a good traveling. Well, I jinxed that one. The kid screamed the whole flight to Mesa and wouldn't take a nap. His crying set all the other babies on the plane crying. I feel sorry for the lady sharing the row with us.

The Arizona trip was fabulous. My in-laws are amazing and I wish we/they lived closer. We played wii ALOT, ate ALOT and relaxed. It's also nice that we have a direct flight from Redmond. Most of the time, the airfare is pretty affordable. On the way home, the flight wasn't full so they let Lil B has his own seat which made a difference.


Nanette said...

Loooove the video! My little gal has never fallen asleep anywhere fun like that.

Shannon said...

This phenomenon just started this month. Then again, my kid is a good napper/sleeper.