Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last thing you ever want

Recently, a friend was intrigued by all this talk of a certain band and she asked "can you make me a CD of their songs?" Since this is my blog and I can talk about whatever, whomever I want I thought this would be a great time to try to figure out what songs I might pick out for someone. It was pretty nerve racking -- picking these 20 songs and I ended up wussing out and just burning Kicking Television because I can't pick 20 songs by Wilco.  The list I started had 50+ songs on it and I tried to pick something out from every album. It's hard. I tried to do this with u2 and Radiohead a few years ago and I was just as stressed out. Kicking Television was just a good place to start and then I began to think "CRAP, I left out stuff from Sky Blue Sky AND Wilco (the album). The things that stress me out in my life! AHHHHHHH.

I presented her with the CD. I think I was more excited about giving it to her than she was excited about it. Then I waited and agonized over if she liked it and then I asked and she responded she was digging it. I told her she didn't have to lie. The demo on Wilco fans is 25% women .. 75% men.  If you're a fan of top 40 radio or Nickelback, you won't like it. My brother, whom was a big influencer in my musical tastes, loves Nickelback. He quite doesn't get Wilco. My husband said it best .. you have to look past the pretty faces and enjoy the layers.  Anyways, she said she wasn't lying. She liked it. (I think).

OK, so back to this dilemma.  This is the playlist I gave my friend:

[caption id="attachment_666" align="aligncenter" width="526" caption="Wilco Kicking Television Playlist"][/caption]

I was a little nervous about starting out with "Misunderstood." Back in 1997, this was my favorite Wilco song. I was so in love with Being There - Disc 1 that when my brother would get in the car (the Black Saturn and the Silver Saturn) he'd be like, "Really, you're still listen to this?" It's a good disc. I used to listen to it when I couldn't sleep. BUT the song is not for the new to Wilco crowd (esp the screaming at the end, which really I can't stand when it's sang live -- there I said something bad about Wilco -- please Jeff Tweedy, stop screaming). The rest of the disc is pretty safe though Spiders (Kidsmoke) is another song that is risky for a Wilco newbie.

Then I got to thinking, why don't I group the songs by decade ... Here is my 90s list:

[caption id="attachment_667" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Wilco 90s Playlist"][/caption]

Who knew I was such a fan of Summerteeth? Oh yea, that CD seems to be in rotation in my Honda. I must say I prefer "Kingpin"  live vs. the album. Of that list, "Casino Queen" was most played on my iPod which surprises me as I really don't listen to A.M. that often.

Onto the 00s

[caption id="attachment_668" align="aligncenter" width="522" caption="Wilco 00s Mix"][/caption]

So I recently discovered that I like A Ghost is Born over Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. You see, I have never actually owned these albums until about a month ago (I hear gasping). I did a horrible thing ... I got YHF off the internet and then my computer crashed and I borrowed it from someone. With Ghost, I checked it out from the library but the first song was messed up so I didn't hear the whole version until I saw it live and got Kicking Television. The most played song is "War on War" which starts off all my runs, followed by Spiders (Kidsmoke) and I'm the Man Who Loves You.

One thing I did discover, I'm not a fan of Sky Blue Sky. I'm having this dilemma with the new Flaming Lip's album right now along with U2's latest effort. Someone said that it all had to do with Nels Cline joining the band but I actually like Nels Cline and think he's a pretty amazing guitar player. I guess I'm only human by saying there is something about Wilco I don't like. I do like it more than A.M. which is just Wilco playing a bunch of songs meant to be played by Uncle Tupelo.

After I see Wilco in Portland, I will take a break and dig out my U2 cds in preparation for June.  I told my husband that if Wilco does tour this summer that The Flaming Lips will trump them when it comes to traveling UNLESS they play Bend or Edgefield (cause that place is a blast). We already know Wilco won't be playing the Sasquatch Festival since they will be in Spain that weekend and if the Flaming Lips play Sasquatch, well, Lil B might be going to his first concert. How cool would that be; Flaming Lips as your first concert???? I guess we'll all find out Feb. 16 when the line-up is announced.

If Wilco does play Bend, I am going to try my darnest to fulfill my latest aspiration ... being picked to play Spiders (Kidsmoke) which means I will have to get early and front/center to the stage and kick all the little kids around me away because I'm gonna be that chick picked to play it. (I know, I'm delusional)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Some kid playing Spiders (Kidsmoke)"]Some kid playing Spiders (Kidsmoke)[/caption]


monkeyinabox said...

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is easily my fav. It also had a great story behind how it almost didn't become an album plus the semi-spooky aspect of how well its themes merged with 9/11.

Shannon said...

YHF is a good album, Monkey but if I went by how many songs I like off it, Ghost wins hands down. Wilco (the album) is up there as well -- I mean, a band that can write a song about how much they love their fans and not make it cheesy is pretty awesome.

Fawn said...

This was a super fun post to read. I'm really ecited about being introduced to this band and I feel like I should have been listening to them a long time ago. I'm going to download more of their stuff for sure. I haven't done that yet because I am a lazy downloader.

I think you have a great way of writing about music. You should become a music journalist. Just saying. ;)