Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I forgot to mention that we've secured spots at two childcare places. One is an in-home care facility and the other is a day care facility. We're still unsure if we're going to go to part time or full time which really depends on our employers. Right now both are committed to having each of us work from home one day a week but that may change (as with all corporations, changes are always happening -- you just roll with it). I'm going to wait and see what kind of baby this little guy will be before making my decision on which place we'll go with.

My employer also now has a dedicated nursing or pump room which is really cool (and now an Oregon law). I have two pumps handed down from friends and I've signed up for a breastfeeding class.

I'm also pondering why bad things happen to good people. Seems like a lot is happening to my loved ones lately and it's got me down. Most live far away and I can't do anything. I'm a believer in things happen for a reason but none of it makes sense. I've also started thinking about what child I'd like my child to be like before I go to sleep. He's going to be a good baby -- I just know it.

Now if I can stop the dog from waking me up at 4 a.m., that would be swell!

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Jen said...

It's about what you & hubs feel comfortable with as well. My kids went to both types of care and I really didn't have a preference for style - it was about personality.

When I returned to work after Boo was born, she went to an infant center near my office. We were able to work out an arrangement where they paged me when she got hungry and I took nursing breaks. I talked to other care providers close to my office - both centers and home-based - that found that arrangement unacceptable for certain reasons. It turned out to be a really neat arrangement because I bonded with other nursing mothers, and the staff during my time there.

But as she got older and moved into different parts of the center, it was no longer a good fit for our family (a combination of factors including staff, hours, and rates). So we moved to another center nearby. While it was heart-wrenching at first everyone (parents and kid) was happier because the "flow" of the day was just a better fit, and there was less stress all around.

When we moved to Central OR that was the first time she went to a home-based care situation (for preschoolers). I think it takes a special person to open their home to others and do it SUCCESSFULLY. There were a lot of places I walked into, and it just didn't feel right. But when we visited her house it felt like I was at a friend's, and her day care room and back yard were an extension of my own home.

Congrats on finding a couple of options that work for you!