Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can I really be supermom?

Yesterday I worked a 12 hour day. Today might be another one as work never stops in my department esp after we're not outsourcing as much. Today I was tempted to drink a fully leaded latte just to wake up. I slept great last night with the new cool mist humidifier (that's a whole other blog post) but why am I tired? Oh yea, I'm a human incubator! Duh!

This all has me wondering -- can I be supermom? My husband won't be embarrassed that I say this but I'm the breadwinner. I'm the career-driven one in our household. I want to advance in my career. I'd like to get a MBA. Sure, he is more talented than I and could make more money than I but he wants to work 6 days a week for half of what he was paid in the corporate world. Guess what's he's happy and no amount of me pushing will get him where I'd like him to be. He has to come to that decision on his own.

Back to supermom. I'd tried my hardest to work the same pace at my job but today I'm really tired. I begin to worry. Will this reflect on advancing my career? I look at the new moms around me -- some have went part time (see above paragraph) -- others seem totally unphased by having a baby -- others are scattered. I want to be totally unphased.

Have you read the Secret? I believe in that book. It's helped my attitude over the past year. The book says if you want something, you put it out there and you'll get back what you want. I believe this booked helped me get a new job, a house and more positive friends. So if I believe I am supermom, it's mine -- right? Why am I doubting myself? I want to be the best I can at work and be the best mom and wife. I just have to believe that in my heart.

I've also been working the Secret on my baby and my mother skills, but that's a whole other blog post as well.

Now, I must head out to work. It might be another 12 hour day.


Fawn said...

I think it's possible to "have it all", it's just a matter of keeping things in perspective and not going to extremes. I hate to say this because it's so cliche but things really do change after the little one comes. Your whole mindset now could be totally different then. I absolutely love my job and eventually want to get my PhD but there are times when I want to bag it all and wait tables just so I can be with the little one all day. It's crazy the thoughts that enter your mind after they are born. But I think it is possible to be supermom. I'd also like to think I'm doing a good job at being one :) I think it's about sacrificing but also holding true to what it best for you.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

I remember several bouts of full on sobbing in the past 15 years about being torn between my hopes and dreams and doing what was best for my husband and kids, which was sometimes being home to take care of them, then later was going back to work to take care of them. 15 years seems like a long time, but I've learned a lot about myself, and what I wanted changed every couple years anyway. Being a mommy is tricky, but you will be welcomed to the mommy club with open arms! We're here for ya' sister, and you can share your hopes and dreams with us, even if you do bite your kid every once in a while...he will bite you too.