Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random 24 week thoughts

The baby's room is just about done being painted. The top part is yellow, the bottom is lavender and it's separated by white chair rail. The furniture arrives this week and then the organizing will begin. My husband says it looks like something out of Real Simple magazine.

I'm signed up Lamaze, breast feeding and a baby care class. I have no idea how to bath a baby so that will be an important class. We also are pre-registering at the hospital in May.

I'm having three showers in Bend. I need to remember to tell the ppl about the cloth diapers registry once I figure it out.

I need to re-do my registry because a lot of items are unavailable to buy online now.

I'm getting the scoop on cloth diapers tomorrow though I've gotten alot of advice on message boards.

I've reached the part of the pregnancy where sleep is starting to get uncomfortable without my human boppy (the snoogle).

My doctor told me to stop wearing heels so I've investing in flats (Thank you Ross Dress for Less). I am going to miss heels. I've also bought a few items from Old Navy

I can't wait for this baby to get here!


L. Ottaviano said...

Glad to hear you're doing cloth diapers! Each time I changed one, I felt great about it (and that's difficult to do sometimes, depending on the size and quality of the diaper contents!). Anyway, we used Bumkins All In Ones (still have all of them if you are interested in buying them off me), and they were superb. And Fuzzi Bunz at night, which we believe contributed to sleeping through the night by 3 weeks of age. I'm sure you'll get all sorts of helpful information on your journey. Great choice!

S said...

Stop on by and look at clothes and other "things" we may have laying around that you might need.

Ask Jon about bathing babies. He's the expert...he bathed both in the sink (we had a cloth bathtub to use in the sink/bathtub).

You'll do just fine :)