Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random thoughts for week 22

We're interviewing our first childcare provider this week and my husband is on the defensive. He's scared to have anyone but one of us watch our baby. While each one of us are working with our employers to have one day a week at home to work, that leaves three other days of needing daycare. He'd like to stay home and work on freelance projects but I'm not sold on it completely. We'll see. He has an offer to work all summer filling in for someone on maternity leave but part of him wants to stay at his job because he likes it so much.

I feel like I'm studying for college lately with all the reading I've been doing. I've started to switch my reading from pregnancy books to being a parent books. If anyone has suggestions, let me know. I want to see what our local library has so I can get them reserved because I'm not going to buy a bunch of books unless they're highly recommended. I know am getting two parenting magazines in the mail along with my usual Sunset and Real Simple Magazine.

I'm really into eating sweets and I know have to stop. I can't stomach veggies one bit so I'm trying to switch from eating cupcakes and zingers to fruit. It's working so far. I'm still into pineapple chunks.

We are getting a lot of cool gifts and my Bend friends are prepping for a shower in April.

I'm starting to get uncomfortable though some say I don't look pregnant yet. Someone told me that I look fat rather than pregnant. I get winded easily and can't walk as fast. I'm tired by 9 p.m. and if I stand on my feet for a long time they hurt. My wedding ring is giving my finger a rash and when I get overheated, it gets stuck so I haven't been wearing it.

I've been going to deep water fitness twice a week. I'm trying to add two days of walking in. I would love to add yoga but paying $15 a week for Juniper when I have a gym membership at the Body Shop really doesn't make sense .. right?

My dad is visiting in a few weeks (we think). I should put him to work and have him put together his grandson's crib.

Not looking forward to doing the taxes though we have some big deductions with our home interest and property taxes. I am pretty sure I overpaid our estimated taxes so we'll see if we owe or have to pay in or break even. I have to remember to pay estimated April 15 for 1 quarter.

Though my best friend is moving in two months, I am reaching out to others. Bend is a hard town to meet people. I'm glad for those that have reached to me. We also should all get together and bowl more often.

I think that's enough rambling. I have reading to do and meatloaf to make (MEATLOAF SANDWICHES YAY!!!!)


Keeneye said...

Dip grapes in sugar water, then freeze. Sweet, but still good for you.

Walking is still the best exercise you can do for yourself and baby Berger. Plus, you'll be prepping yourself for walking the stroller every day when you take him for some outside time. Be sure you have good shoes!

Which parenting mags are you getting? I was going to send you a subscription, but don't want to double-up on one.

Keeneye said...

Oh - and banana chips. Dried apples and nectarines. Have you tried Apple Chips? Those are yummy! So are the caramel flavored rice cakes, and they're better for you than potato chips.