Monday, February 18, 2008

What's on my mind for week 23

I've been bored out of my mind. I sat home Saturday night and wanted to poke my eyes out. My husband has band practice and so it's just me and the dog on most Saturday nights. I think it's because I know my world is about to change and I feel the need to just get out. If Brian has practice this Saturday, I am going to just go do something.

I'm researching cloth diapers. I found out that it's actually cheaper on the budget ... $600 (including water and energy costs) vs $2000 overall AND we can save them for the next kid AND they're better for the enviroment. I think the plan is to start off with newborn disposibles and try out cloth diapers when he hits 10 lbs. That will take the stress out of being so new to parenting. I believe I'm going to register for them somewhere.

My husband refuses to let me drive our small Honda. This begs the question "Will he be like this with the baby?" Yes. I don't want to get a new car so he's going to have to live with me driving it once and a while though it would be nice to get a newer subi wagon or honda accord. Our 11 year old Civic is here to stay because it's paid for and has low miles and is reliable. Plus it's a honda and will last a million years.

I'm having another ultrasound on Wednesday! I can't wait to take a peak at the little guy!

Work on the nursery begins this week as well.

I can't believe I only have 17 more weeks to go.


Amanda said...

Congratulations! My little girl is almost 11 months old. It's so cool to see the ultrasounds and guess what they'll be like.

Keeneye said...

Good for you to be going with cloth diapers. Imagine if everyone did...