Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fit Sunday #1

So how did I do? I promised myself I wouldn't get on a scale until I started working out so this month I'm working on my eating habits. I find that going back to work keeps me on track of eating healthy. By Friday, my wedding ring finally was back to fitting. I haven't worn it since we went to Baker City back at the beginning of April.

Then the weekend came and the horrible eating habits began at Chow with biscuits and gravy. I completely skipped lunch because Ben was being really fussy. As I was sharing a bottle of wine with my husband I realized I hadn't eaten so I grabbed a sausage wrap from the local Greek place. Today was a latte and a slice of blueberry cake. Brian is on his way home with a pizza.

So I must start working on my weekend eating. Less eating out. More eating healthy. But at least my wedding ring is fitting again!

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