Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random thoughts for 25 weeks

Having a cold while being pregnant sucks but cough syrup (on the safe list) and a cool mist humidifier works wonders. I'm usually really congested in the morning because of the humidifier but by 10 a.m. I'm all cleared up but a little fuzzy. Hot water and lemon really helps sooth my throat drainage pain.

Exploring the cloth diaper thing some more. I think I'm turning into a treehugger. My mother would be proud.

My belly button is disappearing some more. Wanna take bets when I won't have one anymore?

Sleep has been non-existent. I believe this is prepping me for the baby.

I'm grateful for my Bend friends. I'm having three showers in April. And I will have a lot of help when the baby comes, something I was worried about. After living here for four years, I finally feel like I have good people in my life.

I'm home tonight by myself since my husband has band practice. He's done a good job of hanging out with me the last two nights but I've realized that maybe I should embrace these Saturday nights because in a few months, I definitely won't be alone.

Got some big bills coming up. I believe there is something wrong with the front right shock in our Jeep that I'm pretty sure isn't covered by the warranty. The Honda needs new brakes before we head to Baker City next month (why not take the Jeep? well, the Honda is awesome on gas unlike the Jeep -- I wish we could get rid of it and get a Subaru). Plus I'm learning how much my insurance pays for stuff (hardly anything for the two ultrasounds I had). I told myself I'm not going to worry about money.

Can't wait to get my taxes done mainly because the above. Waiting on one more form and I'll see how much I'm getting back. The home interest really really has helped.

The baby's room should be done this week. I can't wait to organize and put away stuff.

Not much that's baby related but he's really moving around.

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