Thursday, March 20, 2008

3rd trimester starts tomorrow

I can not believe how fast the 2nd trimester went. Tomorrow I'll be at 28 weeks -- 12until we can lay our eyes on our precious little baby. I hope the next few weeks fly by.

Here are some random quick updates:

* I've gained 26 pounds
* I passed the glucose test and my iron is fine
* My doctor wants more on my birth plan. I only have epidural and Brian cutting the cord
* I have three showers in April. I'm thankful for my friends and their generosity
* I'm having visitors this summer -- mainly coming to see the baby
* My best friend is moving April 4 to Portland. She's only a phone call away but I'm still sad.
* I'm more and more tired
* My feet hurt all the time
* I'm paranoid most of the time
* I've been really bored lately
* Birthing classes start soon!
* This little guy kicks all the time

That's all I can think of for now. Part of being tired all the time has lead me to be a very boring writer.

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Live on the Fly said...

Birth plan?! Seriously? You tell your husband at 9am you're in labor, he comes strolling home from work at 5pm, you go to the hospital, he breathes nasty Frito breath in your face for several hours, the baby comes out after 2 hours of intense pushing and you have a baby. How's that for a plan? Worked for me.