Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm back to almost needing mid-day naps again. I can't figure out if it's the time change or weeks away from entering into the 3rd trimester.

My friend Shawn tonight was telling me about all the emails she was getting regarding my shower next month. She sent invites to a lot of out of towners and since all won't be able to come, they are sending emails she can't share -- they're a surprise. I always never know who to invite to showers. I work with over 500 ppl and I only invited two ppl from work but more ppl keep asking when my shower is going to be and I'm touched but embarrassed I didn't think to invite them. When I'm at work, I'm work. Sometimes I socialize but it's kept to a minimum because we're swamped right now. But I'm touched, really touch at how many ppl I have there for me even when my family is far away and my mom isn't alive. (Gosh darn hormones are getting to me, can you tell).

My latest issue is with immunizations. It wasn't a big deal until all the news last week regarding autism and immunizations. I think I'm going to talk with the pediatrician about spreading them out but I turned out fine and I had them all on the schedule. The web isn't the best place to research it but I guess this is a start of the lifetime of worrying I will have when it comes to having children.

Speaking of immunizations, I guess I'm not immune to measles? That's what the doctor told me last time so I will need that before I leave the hospital. I know for a fact I had to get that shot again when I was in the third grade because there was a recall on the serum from when I got it as a child. Isn't that crazy? Or maybe I'm just immune to the shot completely!

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