Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hormones, oh my

This whole pregnancy has been a breeze for me. I didn't have much morning sickness and I'm not having cravings just an aversion to vegetables but today I realized that I'm coming down with "mommy amnesia" -- the part of the pregnancy where you mix things up or forget things. It has happened several times today and my god, it's embarrassing because I'm not a flake. My blackberry keeps me organized. I use Microsoft Project at work. I'm organized. You can tell which room is not mine in my house because it's a mess and that's my husband's office. Hormones have struck too. Just ask my poor boss.

She gave me a few takes -- a couple in Illustrator, a few in Project and I had a meltdown on her. These are things I can do so why I am being difficult. At least I realized it and stopped myself. Let's just say she had a good laugh.

Thursday marks 3 months from my due date. Can you believe that? I can't. Before you know it, he'll be here.

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