Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pack your bags

I was reading yesterday that around week 28 it's advised that you pack your bag for the hospital. I don't really plan on doing this until May 1 but here is a list I found on

* Car seat for baby
* Two extra pillows--labeled with your name
* Mini cooler for juice, popsicles, cold packs, etc.
* Birthing bag
* Insurance information and any paperwork you will need
* Reading materials
* Copies of your birth plan
* Robe and slippers
* Clothes for delivery, if you don't want to wear the hospital gown
* Several pairs of socks
* Music
* Birthing ball (if the hospital doesn't provide them)
* Unscented oil or lotion for massage* A focal point, good luck charm, or other reassuring item
* Eyeglasses or contacts and supplies
* Lip balm
* Hair accessories
* Juice boxes, low-sodium electrolyte drinks
* Camera supplies (don't forget the charger, film and/or extra batteries!)
* Book, magazine, TV listing guide
* Snacks for mom after delivery
* Nonalcoholic celebration refreshment and cups
* List of phone numbers, to call and announce the birth
* Cell phone (many hospitals allow usage in restricted areas)
* A calling card and/or coins for the pay phone (if cell phones are prohibited)
* Your baby book, for footprints
* Baby blankets
* A special blanket for the "official" first hospital picture
* Toiletries for mom
* Baby nail clippers or emery board
* Soap for baby's first bath (if you prefer to use your own)
* Going home clothes for mom (elastic waist, nursing bra, roomy top)
* Going home clothes for baby

If you have other suggestions let me know. I can't believe tomorrow is 29 weeks. YIKES! It's going so fast.


Jen said...

That seems like a LOT of stuff to haul around...

I don't know about SCMC, but the hospital where I had my kids kept me well stocked on ice chips, jello, and drinks during L&D. They even brought snacks for family members that were with us! There was plenty to eat afterwards too, generally since you can order food whenever you want (nursing moms need their calories after all).

We had one or two "point people" that made all the good news calls for us. Name, date, time, height and weight - plus a quick personal message works well. Or heck, just twitter it! :)

Wendy said...

That is so much stuff!

I always wore the hospital gowns the whole time, because birth is messy, and there is no point in killing your own clothes.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Here's what you really need with you while giving birth at the hospital:

1. A Husband - even if the whole idea makes him queasy and uncomfortable.
2. A doctor who believes you when you say you changed your mind, and you want drugs now, Now, NOW.
3. A nice nurse who is kind to you, even if you throw up.

The rest of the stuff is fine if you have lots of time to haul it to and fro, but I wasn't in the mood for that when the time came.

Live on the Fly said...

Oh please. That list a load. The girls are right, SCMC will provide what you need and don't wear your own clothes. When that water breaks, you will not want it on your clothes. Nothing makes delivery easy, I don't care how many "focus charms" you bring, it really is just going to come down to you, your husband and the task at hand. And that will be all you will think about and focus on.

Fawn said...

Mmmmmm yeah, I agree with all the above. The husband and I practically had a bag-packing ceremony one night. We carefully went through the list and all the stuff wound up filling up an entire suitcase and I really didn't use any of it. I rocked the hospital gown and my own birthing ball. The hospital hooked me up with the rest. TONS o' popsicles and "the clear liquid tray". They have the chapstick, lotion, blah, blah. All that stuff the lists tell you to bring. By the way, you are going to love the nurses at SCMC. They are so awesome and funny. They made the experience alot easier.

Amanda said...

That is a ton of stuff! I wouldn't bring all those snacks because they should have that stuff. A couple extra things I brought were dollars and quarters for the vending machine, our address book (sometimes you don't have the numbers you rarely call in your cell phone), and movies. I think we watched 2 movies while I was in labor, the hospital had VCRs in the room. I didn't pay attention to them but Dustin did and I used them more as a focal point. Just a word...bring nice gentle relaxing movies. Your emotions are all whacked out and intense movies are just upsetting.

Deby said...

Just so you know, St. Charles provided birthing balls for you to use. I had hauled mine over there and didn't need to. Why take up the space in the car if you don't need to. Do bring a pillow though.

You also will just want to wear the hospital gowns because you don't want to stain your own stuff with all the mess of childbirth. And you aren't there very long anyway.

I do recommend bringing some VHS tapes as something to focus on while in labor. It can be a long process and you might need something to take your mind off of things. I had brought "The Princess Bride", "Beetlejuice", "While You Were Sleeping" and something else. You can pick them up for a $1 at the Goodwill.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Agree - that list is TOO long. I wore my own clothes the whole time because I hate hospital gowns. I just brought a t-shirt and sweatpants that I could throw away afterward. SCMC provides you with a toiletry bag (shampoo, etc), all clear liquids and jello you want during labor and any food you want after, blankets, pillows (for you and Brian). Just bring a change of clothes and stuff to dress baby in for the trip home (plus food/snacks for Brian). I think they give you a "to bring" list when you do your hospital orientation.

Two things we did bring:
1. Our Ipod and speakers so we could play our own music during labor.
2. Cookies for the nursing staff. They deserve it!