Tuesday, November 27, 2007

But I don’t feel pregnant

I’m not sick to my stomach anymore but I’m mostly tired and hungry. I’m in that weird phase where I don’t have morning sickness but I’m not showing. I often forget I’m having a baby until I get up to go to the bathroom four times a night. Having morning sickness was reassurance that I was pregnant and a good reminder to take it easy but now that I’m just mostly hungry and tired it almost doesn’t seem real. I’ve been worried about my little fig. I don’t have any reason to be worried but I’m worrying. I hope my fig is OK. Some people say the worrying starts now until the child is 50! Ha!

I’ll get some reassurance this Thursday when we go to hear the heartbeat until then I will keep thinking positive thoughts that figgy is growing strong and healthy.


Live on the Fly said...

In a month, when figgy is doing gymnastics at all times of the day, you'll forget what it was like to not feel pregnant! Have a great time taking a look at him/her this Thursday!

Jen said...

Yeah, the worrying hasn't ended for us yet. And there's a looong way to go till they are 50! :)

Hope you are getting some rest.

Deby said...

I didn't stop worrying until ... well, I haven't yet. I felt better when I made it to week 13. I really found the pregnancy countdown on BabyCenter.com very helpful. It gives week by week info about fetal development and what to expect with the pregnancy.

Enjoy the heartbeat. It is amazing.