Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Forget decorating the house, there's a baby on the way

Today I’m feeling surprisingly good. No upset tummy. No near vomiting episodes. Just tired with a sore chest (probably TMI but who cares, this is my blog). Of course, the worries all start because some women believe that no more morning sickness is a sign of that dreaded m word I won’t type.

ANYWAY … I love my husband. He’s creative and funny. I’m creative but more reasonable one of the bunch. When he found out we were having a baby he exclaimed that he was going to paint the room for the baby. I was hoping he would want to wait but when I went to Omaha to visit family, he practically dropped me off and the airport and headed to Lowes to pick out a color. When I got home, first thing I did was run into the room to see the color he wanted to surprise me with. It’s yellow or cocoa butter to him. He had this grand idea to paint a mural which I quickly squashed. My reason was more because I don’t want to have to paint the room before we sell our. We settled on white chair rail and either a lavender or blue for the lower half. Instead of painting a mural, I’m going to buy him some canvas and paints and he can paint his heart out for the baby.

I want the general theme to be sun, moon and stars. I already have wall art from my Nebraska home (it was the theme in my old bedroom). I like this crib set but it won’t work for a boy. It looks girly. My husband isn’t too keen on the sun, moon, stars theme but I think he’ll warm up to it.

I did find a crib and changing table on IKEA. I told myself no ordering until after Jan. 1. Spending money for me is like pulling teeth since I like to save but I don’t think I’ll mind getting the baby some things.

I need to find more ways of including my husband. Anyone have other ideas?


Keely said...

I think your husband painting some pics for the baby is awesome! Daniel went to all our doc visits, helped me do all the decorating and shopping for Zoe. He did a podcast about the baby coming and our baby shower was for him too. Main thing for me was to not give him a hard time and be as nice to him as he was to me.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yes, Scott was great with the "building" type things as well. He installed the chair rail and wainscoting and did a lot of the painting. When it came to choosing baby stuff, I always tried to at least SHOW him what I was thinking.

ohchicken said...

hmm, maybe include him in the 10 minute baby-bonding time you wrote about earlier?

Little Things said...

Watch the IKEA cribs - we loved 'em, but the side didn't go up and down, which makes it hard to put a sleeping baby into their bed. It doesn't matter as much when the baby's little and the mattress is up nice and high, but when baby gets to be 18 months old, you might have a hard time getting him/her into the crib without breaking your back.